Ad meliora advocatus…

My name is Patrick and I am an Orthodox Christian. Welcome to my new blog! Readers of my old blog will no doubt have noticed that I have defected from Blogger to WordPress. This change is by no means profound, unless it’s a subtle admission to myself that this is a new start. Indeed, that theme is the significance of the title of this post, “called to better things;” an admission to God that I am no longer wasting my time clinging to old prejudices and obsessions, and to others that those better things are that which is most natural for Man: Prayer; to worship Almighty God within the unity of the Church. (Incidentally, for new readers, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend my old blog. That place is a nightmare. But I suppose there’s no harm in having a quick look for completeness’ sake).

At this point it is incumbent on me to say that I do not write with the authority of the Orthodox Church. Everything expressed here is my own opinion.

I spent about two hours to-day trying to think of a witty or insightful title for my new blog but came up with nothing. The domain name,, is just a convenience and is in token of the beard I have been growing since December. Perhaps when the overall theme of this endeavor is worked out and I am more mature in the Orthodox faith (which will take years) I can come up with a title. Until then, I suppose this is just “Patrick’s blog.”

I am open to suggestions from readers about possible articles. And if anybody used to WordPress has any suggestions about how to tidy things up, I’d be grateful. So far I am finding it difficult to navigate.

8 thoughts on “Ad meliora advocatus…

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  2. Look forward with interest to see what you settle on! WordPress looks much classier but is unwieldy I’ve found. This may or may not chime with your new life, but I’d love to see posts on the Anglo-Saxon saints, the liturgy & customs of the pre-Conquest church & people.


    • Thank you all for your continued interest in my stuff.

      T Graham, good to hear from you. That very much chimes with my new life! The Old English saints belong very much to the Church. Indeed, there would be no hope for Orthodoxy in the West but for them.


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