The pope in Russia? Heaven forbid!

Pope Antichrist1

Fr Andrew Phillips has written a very welcome post here dashing the unfounded rumour that pope Francis is planning a trip to Russia. Praise God it is unfounded! I have no doubt that Francis wants to visit Russia, as did his predecessor John Paul II who rather arrogantly believed he had the right to go anywhere he pleased and be welcomed as a good man. Remember his trip to Greece in 2001? That didn’t go down too well with the locals, did it? For me, there were too many reminiscences of the treason and perfidy of John Bekkos and the Emperors who lost their faith that God would deliver them. But Francis in Russia? Why? There are, of course, Roman Catholics in Russia* (like Jews, they seem to get everywhere!), so one would hope that the rumour of a visit was for their benefit and not, as schismatics would, to deceive the Orthodox into leaving the communion of Christ’s Church, exchanging the truth for a lie. Not that Francis, who recently congratulated a pair of sodomites on the adoption of their ill-fated child, is too bothered about people joining his communion. He seems more concerned about pushing the textbook neo-liberal agenda of his contemporaries in secular power like Angela Merkel and Peter Sutherland, and generally being the answer to a question nobody asked. I can only say again, God be praised the rumour is unfounded but rest assured I shall oppose any planned visit of the Arch-heretic to Russia to the utmost of my power.

As for the other bit of news, about the disruption of a gay orgy within sight of St Peter’s basilica, that news is stale now but I just rolled my eyes and turned to the next story. It’s years now since I was in the least bit scandalised by the corruption and hypocrisy of the Roman clergy.

*Incidentally, I hope that Mr Putin deals with them as he has with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


4 thoughts on “The pope in Russia? Heaven forbid!

  1. But, Patrick, you would have no power to oppose his visit to Russia, even if it were happening. You have no power because no one cares about your opinion. At least no one of those who hold the power, which is what matters.

    I think you’re too old for such LARPing.


    • Do you know, you’re absolutely right. Nobody cares what I think, not you, not most of my old friends who have become estranged, not my family who aren’t Orthodox (and never will be), not even me. So why carry on in spite of personal impotence and the indifference, even enmity, of the world?


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