Pictures from Long Melford


The font.


Looking east down the nave. The bare bones of the church, white and grey where before was colour. This was where I saw the grey clergy and choristers. I imagine Roger Martyn’s priest intoning the Passion on Good Friday where the rood loft used, and ought, to be. And those blasted pews…


Detail of the stone reredos depicting “the story of Christ’s Passion,” as Roger Martyn might say. Actually, this was donated in 1877 by the wealthy mother of the then rector of the church Rev. Charles Martyn (not related to the Martyns of Melford). Notice the Decalogue and the Creed on the north and south sides.

Lily Crucifix

Detail of the Lily Crucifix in the Clopton Chantry.

Easter Sepulchre

The tomb of John and Alice Clopton on the north side of the chancel (from the Clopton Chantry). It’s a classic benefactor’s tomb and sepulchre arch. You can’t see it but on the “roof” of the arch is a faded fresco of the Risen Christ with the words (in Latin): “whoever liveth and believeth in me shall not die forever,” from St John’s Gospel. I will not belabour the obvious symbolism of Christ’s triumph over Death vis-a-vis the liturgical use of the sepulchre but I think it’s telling of a profound understanding of the faith, and a mortal desire for union with Christ, liturgically, even in death. Well, it was a chantry!

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