Will Europe survive?

This new book by Douglas Murray looks interesting. (Thanks to John of Ad Orientem for highlighting this). Or it could be another eloquent piece of pseudo-profundity, describing water to a drowning man. That’s the trouble with many on the political “right,” particularly neo-conservatives like Murray. They bemoan many of the things that do enormous damage to our way of life and yet fail to grasp the hypocrisy of their position. For example, they like to point out the decline in Christian faith in Western countries and yet most of them are not practitioners of religion at all. My secular parents often complain about encroachments upon the Christian values of this country and yet they see my faith as a kind of eccentricity. They don’t read The Bible, they don’t go to church, they don’t fast; and they think that people who do are rather weird. The question of immigration is also a hypocritical one. All these comfortable baby-boomers don’t want to clean toilets or make cappuccinos for a living; they’d rather inferior immigrants did these things, and yet they complain when the immigrants need housing, schooling and access to other services. Many of the loudest and most obnoxious of the anti-immigrant voice in this country are themselves descendants of immigrants!

As an Orthodox Christian, my views have undergone a slight shift in the last year or so. I find most of the arguments about the future of Europe rather tiresome. I certainly don’t see it as a Muslim problem, and even if it were, I can’t see secularism and consumerism being a viable, attractive alternative to a utopian caliphate. As to the question, posed by Murray, of there being a popular “backlash” against mass immigration, it won’t happen. Civil strife only happens when people truly believe in something, and love what they believe. Unfortunately, Western peoples are too comfortable and apathetic (an interesting combination) about life to bother taking to the streets. Many of my generation actually encourage what is happening too. There will be no scouring of England’s shires.


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