O that we were there!


I wish you all a very happy and holy Christmass. Christ is born according to the flesh in Bethlehem! Alleluia! In token of this dearest of feasts, a few words from one of the most eloquent of the Orthodox Bishops of Old Rome, St Leo the Great:

Nativitas carnis manifestatio est humanae naturae; partus Virginis divinae est virtutis indicium. Infantia parvuli ostenditur humilitate cunarum: magnitudo Altissimi declaratur vocibus Angelorum. Similis est rudimentis hominum, quem Herodes impie molitur occidere; sed Dominus est omnium quem Magi gaudent suppliciter adorare.

O, when East and West spoke with one voice…

I can’t help but include this. I taped Carols from King’s when it was broadcast two weeks ago and shall watch it to-morrow with a mince pie and port. In the meantime, this is without doubt my favourite rendering of that antient carol In Dulci Iubilo. O that we were there! Merry Christmass!

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