Spanish Mass…

Mural detail at San Blás Chapel

As with the previous post, these are the texts of the Old Spanish (or “Mozarabic”) Mass, as found in Bishop & Feltoe’s “The Mozarabic and Ambrosian Rites.” This is the text for the Mass of the Second Sunday after Epiphany, except for the Praefatio and Postcommunion Prayer, which are taken from Missa Dominicalis II of the Missale Gothicum; apparently to shew the original character of these prayers. My own comments are in parenthesis.


Officium [Introit]: The LORD is King and hath put on glorious apparel. Alleluia. V. The LORD hath put on his apparel and girded himself with strength. P. Alleluia. V. Glory and honour be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost for ever and ever. Amen. P. Alleluia.

The Priest: For ever and ever. R. Amen. [This is apparently the response to a prayer said privately by the priest].
The Choir: Glory be to God on high, &c.

Oratio: This is our righteous one in whom we hoped and to whom in grace appearing we are come : wherefore let us beseech his clemency who vouchsafed for us to die upon the cross that he would forgive the sins of his people and deliver us from them. R. Amen. Through thy mercy O our God who art blessed and dost live and govern all things for ever and ever. R. Amen.


V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.
The Deacon: Keep silence.
The Reader: The Lesson of the Book of Isaiah the Prophet. R. Thanks be to God.
The Reader: Thus saith the LORD : Behold, I create, &c. (Is. 65:17-25). R. Amen. V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.
Tract: The song of the three children. The angel of the LORD came down into the furnace together with Azarias and his fellows and smote the flame of the fire out of the furnace and made the midst of the furnace as it had been a moist whistling wind so that the fire touched them not at all, neither hurt nor troubled them. Then the three as out of one mouth praised, glorified, and blessed God in the furnace, saying : ‘Blessed art thou, O LORD God of our fathers and to be praised and magnified for ever.’ Amen. Hymnus. Blessed art thou, &c. [a short form of the hymn].
The Priest: O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good : for his mercy endureth for ever. R. Amen. [This is probably taken from the last verse of the Song of the Three Children, not the Psalter].
V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.

Psallendum: My heart is ready O God, my heart is ready : I will sing and give praise with the best member that I have. V. Unto thee, O God, will I pay my vows, unto thee will I give thanks. And why, thou hast delivered my soul from death ; mine eyes from tears and my feet from falling. P. I will give praise, &c.
The Deacon: Keep silence.
The Reader: Continuation of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans. R. Thanks be to God.
The Reader: Brethren, let not sin reign, &c. (Romans 6:12-18). R. Amen.
The Deacon: Keep silence. The Lesson from the Holy Gospel according to Saint Luke. R. Glory be to thee, O LORD.
The Deacon: At that time our LORD Jesus Christ returned in the power of the spirit, &c. (Luke 4:14-22).
V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.
Laudes: Alleluia. V. Praise the LORD in cymbals and dances : praise him upon the strings and pipe. P. Alleluia.


The Deacon: Pray, ye Catechumens : bow your knees unto God. Let us beseech the LORD that he would vouchsafe to grant you the remission of your sins and enlightenment. [A pause for prayer in which all join.] Arise. Having finished your prayer, in the name of Christ say all together Amen. R. Amen.
The Deacon: Depart, ye Catechumens.
The Deacon [after the Catechumens have gone out]: Pray, ye penitents : bow your knees unto God. Let us beseech the LORD that he would vouchsafe to grant you remission of your sins and peace. [A pause for prayer in which all join]. Arise. Having finished your prayer, in the name of Christ say all together Amen. R. Amen.
The Deacon: Depart, ye penitents.
The Deacon [after the penitents have gone out]: Stand in your place for Mass.


Sacrificium: And Noah builded an altar unto the LORD and took of every clean beast and of every clean fowl and offered burnt offerings on the altar : and the LORD smelled a sweet savour. Alleluia. V. And the LORD spake unto Noah, saying : Go forth of the ark, thou and all thy kindred and every living thing that is with thee of all flesh, both of fowl and of cattle and of everything that creepeth upon the earth : be fruitful and multiply upon the earth. And Noah went forth. P. And he offered, &c. Alleluia.

[Collection. The oblations are brought in in solemn procession, placed on the altar and censed. The priest washes his hands.]


Missa: Beloved brethren, since we believe that we are drawing nigh to God let us put away all thought of pleasing men. Though we cannot offer to God any sacrifice worthy of his acceptance, let us bring to him at least the sobs and tears of penitence. We ought not to stand here without shame as if innocent of all offences. But at least on the LORD’s Day we ought to assemble ourselves together with fear as in the presence of the dread Judge of all. Let us not think that our deeds are unknown to God, because we are not punished, since it may be that we are reserved for punishment hereafter as being unworthy of a fatherly chastisement in this present time. Therefore if we are sorry, let the Father’s chastisement be sweeter than honey : if watchful servants, let us not eat the bread of the LORD for naught. And thinking of these things as they befit the case of each and all, let us either bewail our own unprofitableness or take anxious warning from the unprofitableness of others, through the grace of God in which we live. R. Amen. Through the mercy of the same God who is blessed and doth live and govern all things for ever and ever. R. Amen.
The Deacon: Bow your knees unto God.
The Choir: Agios, Agios, Agios LORD God eternal king : to thee be thanks and praise.
The Deacon: In our prayers let us keep in mind the Holy Catholic Church : that the LORD would mercifully vouchsafe to increase its gifts of faith, hope, and love. R. Grant this, Almighty everlasting God.
The Deacon: Let us keep in mind all the lapsed, the captives, the sick, and the pilgrims [peregrinos] : that the LORD would mercifully vouchsafe to regard, redeem, heal, and strengthen them. R. Grant this Almighty everlasting God. [Incidentally, I substituted “strangers” for “pilgrims.” It’s more in keeping with the sequence of the prayer].
The Deacon: Arise.
Alia Oratio: O God without beginning, who in the beginning didst make the visible world and being thyself unconditioned and everlasting didst lay it on perpetual foundations : with prayers outpoured from our hearts and minds we implore thee to grant us pardon in this present life, and to make us worthy of thy eternal mercies. Mayest thou always find in us something to pity, so that where thou dost pity thou mayest pardon. R. Amen.


The Deacon: Our Bishops N. and M [M=the Roman Pope] and all other bishops offer the oblation, for themselves and for all the people enrolled in their communion. R. They offer for themselves and for the universal brotherhood. [A note on the commemoration of the pope of Rome: This is not authentically Spanish, since Spain was anciently outside the Roman Patriarchate. The commemoration of the pope of Rome was ordered by the second Synod of Vaison in 529, a Romanising synod].
The Deacon: Also all the priests, deacons, clerks and people standing around offer for themselves and for those belonging to them. R. They offer for themselves and for the universal brotherhood [probably lay people who actually offered were originally mentioned here, with an allusion to the Liber Viventium and the response: Et omnium offerentium].
The Deacon: They offer for the saintly order of the venerable Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs, Abel, Seth, Enoch, &c [here follow the names of the Patriarchs and Prophets], the Maccabean youths, John the Baptist, the Virgin Mary, Peter, Paul [here follow the names of the Apostles], Mark, Luke, Stephen, Cornelius, Cyprian.
R. And all the Martyrs.
The Deacon: Also for the spirits of the waiting ones [ie: the departed of the parish and diocese; many of them named], Hilary, Athanasius, Martin, Ambrose, Augustine, Fulgentius, Leander, Isadore [names of the Archbishops of Toledo and other bishops], Felix.
R: And all the waiting ones.

Praefatio post Nomina: Having heard the names recited, beloved brethren, let us beseech the God of mercy and loving-kindness to receive graciously our offered gifts ; to suffer no one of those for whom the sacrifice is broken to be exiled from the privilege of this sacrifice ; but to remember both the living and the dead, looking upon both their evil and good deeds, and granting to the one grace and to the other pardon. R. Amen. For thou art the life of the living and the rest of all the faithful departed. R. Amen.

[A pause for silent prayer].

Oratio ad Pacem. O God the abounding source of all good things and the unfailing concord of the saints : grant such peace on earth that we as peacemakers may always follow and fulfill thy commandments. R. Amen. For thou art our true peace and unbroken charity and with the Father and the Holy Spirit livest and reignest one God for ever and ever. R. Amen.


The Priest: The grace of God the Father Almighty, the peace and love of our LORD Jesus Christ, and the communication of the Holy Spirit be ever with us all. R. And with men of goodwill.
The Deacon: Give the peace to one another as ye stand [the kiss of peace is given].
The Choir: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you : not as the world giveth, give I unto you. V. A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another. P. Peace I leave with you, &c. V. Glory and honour, &c. P. Peace I leave, &c.


The Priest [returning to the altar]: I will go unto the altar of God. R. Even unto the God of my joy and gladness.
The Deacon: Lend your ears to the LORD. R. We lend them to the LORD.
The Priest: Lift up your hearts. R. We lift them up unto the LORD.
The Priest: Let us give meet thanks and praise to our God and LORD, Jesus Christ the Son of God in Heaven. R. It is meet and right so to do.

The Priest: It is meet and right, our very blessed and bounden duty that we should at all times render thanks to thee, O God Almighty ; in thy name both celebrating the mysteries of our solemnities and offering to thee this sacrifice (simple to offer, rich to partake) which the highest praises cannot worthily proclaim. Here is neither the bleating of sheep nor the bellowing of cattle nor the death-cry of fluttering fowl to grieve the ear. Here the eye is not shocked with blood nor the appetite with surfeit : yet so wonderful and astounding is the victim that though without blood it is eaten alive. For although the true body is eaten and the blood most manifestly drunk yet nevertheless without aught distasteful is the salvation of our souls ministered in the spiritual food and cup. For blessed is thy Son our LORD Jesus Christ who coming in thy name commanded that these sacrifices should be presented before thee. Mindful of his precepts we both keep his commandments and commemorate his mighty deeds, whom with thee and the Holy Ghost the hosts of earth and heaven duly unite to praise, with cherubim and seraphim evermore praising thee, and saying:
The Choir: Holy, holy, holy, LORD God of Hosts, heaven and earth are full of the glory of thy Majesty. Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the LORD. Hosanna in the highest. Agios, agios, agios, Kyrie O Theos.

The Priest: Truly holy, truly blessed is thy Son Jesus Christ our LORD : himself the faith of the patriarchs, the fulfillment of the Law, the burden of the prophets’ message, the master of the apostles, the Father of all the faithful : himself the bulwark of the weak, the strength of the infirm, the redemption of captives, the inheritance of them that are redeemed, the health of the living, and the life of the dying. Who being himself the true High Priest of God instituted a new law of sacrifice, and commanded us to continue the same offering of himself as a victim well-pleasing unto thee : even Christ our LORD the eternal redeemer ; for the LORD Jesus in the same night in which he was betrayed, took bread, giving thanks, brake, and gave it to them saying, Take and eat, this is my body which is given for you ; do this in commemoration of me. Likewise also after supper he took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to them saying, This cup is the New Testament in my blood which is poured out for you and for many for the remission of sins : do this as oft as ye drink it in commemoration of me. R. Amen. As often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup ye do shew the LORD’s death till he come from Heaven in glory. R. So we believe, LORD Jesus.

Post Pridie: We plead, O LORD with humble prayers the death of thy only-begotten Son which is our life, with undoubting faith confessing his resurrection and ascension into heaven ; and we await his coming to judge each one according to his deserts, trembling for our guilt yet relying on thy mercy. We therefore thy servants beseech thee that thou wouldest sanctify this oblation by the infusion of thy Spirit and fully transform it into the body and blood of our LORD Jesus Christ : that we may be made meet to be cleansed from the stain of our offences by that victim whose redemption of us we commemorate ; and may not when wounded be denied thy healing power. We are sick, thou art the physician : we are pitiable, thou art pitiful ; therefore by this atoning sacrifice do thou heal us who do not hide from thee our wounds. R. Amen.

Grant this, O Father unbegotten, through thine only-begotten Son our LORD Jesus Christ through whom for us thy unworthy servants thou dost create, hallow, quicken, bless and bestow upon us all these good things that they may be blessed by thee our God for ever and ever. R. Amen.


V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.
The Priest: The faith which we believe in our hearts, let us confess with our mouths.
The Choir: I believe in one God, &c.
[During the Creed the host is broken]


The Priest: Beloved brethren, mindful of the commandments of the LORD, let us repeat the words of the LORD’s Prayer suppliantly beseeching his Majesty that he would mercifully forget our offences and sanctify our hearts and bodies with the gift of his grace : so that purged from every spot of sin, with free voices we may cry from earth: Our Father which art in Heaven. R. Amen.
Hallowed be thy name. R. Amen.
Thy Kingdom come. R. Amen.
Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. R. Amen.
Give us this day our daily bread. R. For thou art God.
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. R. Amen.
And lead us not into temptation. R. But deliver us from evil.

Embolismus: Delivered from evil and strengthened always in good, may we be made meet to serve the LORD our God. Bring to an end O LORD the tale of our sins ; grant joy to the troubled in heart, bestow redemption on the captives, give health to the sick, rest to the dead. Grant us peace and safety all our days, break in pieces the insolence of our foes and hear O LORD the prayers of all faithful Christians thy servants this day and throughout all time. R. Amen.
Through Jesus Christ thy Son our LORD who liveth and reigneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God for ever and ever. R. Amen.
[A particle of the host is placed in the chalice, the priest saying privately: Sancta sanctis et coniunctio corporis et sanguinis Domini nostri Iesu Christi sit sumentibus et potantibus nobis ad veniam, et defunctis fidelibus praestetur ad requiem].


The Deacon: Bow down yourselves for the blessing. R. Thanks be to God. V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.
The Priest: May ye be filled with the blessing of our Almighty God by whose ineffable power ye were created. R. Amen. May ye be filled with his unfailing grace by whose precious blood ye have been redeemed. R. Amen. And may he grant you a mansion to live in for ever in his eternal kingdom to whom in this world he has afforded the covenant of a new birth. R. Amen.
Through the mercy of the same our LORD who doth live and govern all things for ever and ever. R. Amen.


V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.

[During the priest’s communion]

Ad accedentes: O taste and see how gracious the LORD is. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. V. I will always give thanks unto the LORD ; his praise shall ever be in my mouth. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. V. The LORD delivereth the souls of his servants : and all they that put their trust in him shall not be destitute. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Glory and honour, &c. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. [A different version of this anthem is used during Lent and Eastertide].
The Deacon: Approach according to your places. R. Thanks be to God.
[The Communion is administered in both kinds with the following words:]

The body of our LORD Jesus Christ be thy salvation. R. Amen.
The blood of Christ, which is thy redemption, remain with thee. R. Amen.


[After the communion of the people]
The Choir: Refreshed with the body and blood of Christ, we praise thee O LORD. Alleluia. [The Spanish Liturgy only possesses two version of this anthem; the one given is used at all times except Lent, when it is replaced by: Repletum est gaudio os nostrum : et lingua nostra in exultatione].
Praefatio: Having received the heavenly sacrament of the body and blood of Christ and being refreshed with the cup of everlasting salvation, let us give thanks and praise to God the Father Almighty. R. Amen.
Through the mercy of God, who is blessed and doth live and govern all things for ever and ever. R. Amen.
The Deacon: Bow your knees to God.
[Pause for private prayer]
The Deacon: Arise.
Collectio: We give thanks unto thee, O God, through whom we have celebrated these holy mysteries; entreating from thee the gifts of mercy and sanctification. R. Amen.
Through thy mercy, O our God, who art blessed and dost live and govern all things for ever and ever. R. Amen.
V. The LORD be always with you. R. And with thy spirit.
The Deacon: Our solemnities are completed in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ. May our devotion be accepted in peace. R. Thanks be to God.

I shall venture to make a commentary on this within the next few days.

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